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Making the right decision together

The Government plans to put the patient very firmly at the heart of the decision making process when it comes to their own health, with the mantra being ‘No decision about me, without me’.

But this goal will only be achieved if patients get involved in their own care and have the information they need to make key decisions about their health and well-being with their doctor or other healthcare practitioner.

That’s where ‘Decision Aids’ come in.

A comprehensive web-based resource which will help you plan your healthcare needs, ‘Decision Aids’ puts key information and guidance at your fingertips, enabling you make an informed decision and preparing you for discussions with your healthcare practitioner.

There are ‘Decision Aids’ for a number of issues and long term conditions, including diabetes, cancer and diagnostic testing for Downs. Each one is split into five steps, which guide you through the process of making a decision.

To find out more, go to the Shared Decision Making website to access the ‘Decision Aids’. You’ll need to register, but once you do you’ll be able to save your decision pathways.

You can also access printed ‘Decision Aid’ information at your GP surgery.


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