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Let’s Talk about Shared Decision Making

Let’s talk about it!

Our ‘Let’s talk about it’ campaign embraces Shared Decision Making and is about informing and empowering you to have a better conversation with your doctor or healthcare professional.

If you have been diagnosed with an illness – anything from obesity to osteoarthritis of the knee, from cataracts to a hernia – you will find that there are different treatments to cure or manage your condition. Working out which treatment is the right one for you is where Shared Decision Making comes in.

Shared Decision Making is a process where you have a proper talk with your Doctor or healthcare professional. This talk will help you to make decisions about treatments when there is more than one option available.

Your doctor will provide you with the expertise on your illness and the treatment options available. He or she will also be able to point you in the direction of more information and decision aids. This doesn’t necessarily mean a longer conversation just a better, more informed one.

You then will look at things like your lifestyle, what you enjoy doing and decide on your preference having discussed the benefits and risks of the options with your doctor.

‘Let’s talk about it’ is about helping you to take control of your own health and know the options available to you. Posters and leaflets will distributed to local Practices, pharmacies etc and you can also download them below. Look out for information on social media too.

You can use the patient decision aids on the rightcare website to help you work through the options.   But make sure you do talk it through with your doctor.

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