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Reassurance over NHS 111

County health officials have moved to reassure patients using the NHS 111 service in Nottinghamshire that it’s ‘business as usual’. It follows the announcement by NHS Direct to withdraw from its contracts to operate similar service in other parts of the UK. Dr Trevor Mills, Nottingham GP and Clinical Lead for the NHS 111 in the county said: “The announcement may have caused some alarm so I wish to reassure patients in Nottinghamshire that their service is totally unaffected. NHS 111 in the county is operated by a GP led social enterprise company called Derbyshire Health United who continue to provide an effective and responsive service to patients across much of the East Midlands. DHU was initially set up to by local GPs to run their out of hours services and who still have substantial GP input into its running. The service also benefits from an excellent cooperation between all parts of the urgent health care system so that we can continue to deal with patient clinical needs and public expectation.”

Lindsey Wallis, chief executive of Derbyshire Health United, said: “As a GP-led social enterprise, we believe that 111 services are best provided as an integrated service which runs alongside GP out-of-hours services. Our focus is on providing high-quality services to patients in the East Midlands, but we are always willing to provide our expertise to support other out-of-hours providers looking to deliver successful 111 services in their areas”.


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