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Plains View Surgery, Statement

Further to the recent articles in the press in relation to Plains View Surgery, NHS England have provided the following statement:

Dr Doug Black, Medical Director for NHS England Derby & Nottinghamshire Area Team said: “Following the inquest into the death of a patient at Mapperley Plains Surgery, NHS England Derby & Nottinghamshire Area Team have been undertaking an investigation into the governance of medicines management at this practice. As with any investigation we undertake, if evidence demonstrates service standards are not being met, NHS England will take action to determine why. If during the course of this, concerns are identified which require external investigation by regulatory bodies, these will be reported and NHS England will lend its full cooperation to any other investigation.

“The ongoing provision of high quality patient care is at the forefront of all we do. It is not possible for NHS England to make individual comment about live or ongoing investigations.”

Click here for statement


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