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Dr Paul Oliver reassures patients in Nottingham North and East

“The safety of our patients is paramount. Our finances are challenging but we now have the perfect opportunity to spend the money a lot smarter for the benefit of our patients. All of our patients can be reassured that GPs are working closely together to create new ways of improving patient care.” Dr Paul Oliver

Nottingham and North East received an allocation of approximately £160million from NHS Nottinghamshire County for the year 2012/13 and will end this financial year with a balanced budget, having used contingency reserves to enable us to do so.

All CCGs are required to make savings of around 2-3% in the new financial year and each CCG will have its individual challenges based on demographics and local needs. We need to achieve savings of just over 3% next year, which approximates to £4million.

For Nottingham North and East, one of the challenges faced is that of reducing the number of referrals to hospital. For GPs, in the vast majority of situations it is clear cut as to whether a patient needs to go to the hospital or not but there is a grey area where some GPs will refer and others would keep the case in the community. Patients will continue to be referred where their GP thinks it is clinically necessary.

The GP practices that form the CCG are therefore working together, as clinicians, to discuss, above all, how best to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients when addressing this particular challenge.”

Click here to view Dr Paul Oliver reassuring patients in Nottingham North and East


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