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Cyber attack local update – ICT experts to get systems back online

GPs across Nottingham and the surrounding area are open again today with a countywide restart of normal clinical systems underway across all practices.

Thirteen teams of ICT engineers began the process of visiting 100 practices in the area yesterday, with support from over 50 NHS staff, travelling from location to location to upload the security patch on every computer.

We anticipate bringing all practices back on line by the end of the day and are prioritising those that have been infected.

We appreciate that GPs have gone above and beyond to treat patients without access to the systems we all rely on in the local health community since Friday’s cyber attack. We are extremely grateful to every member of staff for working so hard in difficult circumstances.

GPs will still face challenges today until systems are back up so we ask members of the public to be patient when attending or booking appointments.

If people have hospital or GP appointments they should attend unless told otherwise.

Choose well

High numbers of patients are attending QMC’s Emergency Department – many with minor illnesses and injuries that could be seen elsewhere. Please only attend the Emergency Department in a genuine emergency.

For urgent but not emergency treatment please visit the Nottingham Urgent Care Centre on London Road. For minor health problems such as coughs and colds you can obtain advice and over the counter treatments from a pharmacist.


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