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Planning for growth at Hucknall patient group meeting

Following a successful first meeting, this month’s Hucknall Planning for Growth Patient Group meeting will take place on Wednesday 3 September at Seymour Road Baptist Church, Hucknall, NG15 6HE. At the request of local people, the event will take place at the later time of 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

The Hucknall Planning for Growth Patient Group meeting

The Hucknall Planning for Growth Patient Group meeting

The first meeting was held on Thursday 31 July 2014 and was attended by over fifty local people. Led by Kathryn Sanderson, the patient representative on the Hucknall Planning for Growth Steering Group, it  was a discussion around what worked and what didn’t with primary care services in Hucknall. Kathryn also asked participants to share their vision for the future.

Armed with the views and opinions of Hucknall patients, Kathryn then fed all the information back to the steering group in the form of a full swot analysis. The steering group is made up of local GPs and health decision makers.

Kathryn will be feeding back what was discussed at the steering group and the response to some of the issues and solutions raised by patients.

Everyone is welcome so please come along and get involved.

For more details email:

See Kathryn’s  Presentation. from the first Hucknall Planning for Growth Patient Working Group which took place in July.


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