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Community health services: what’s important to you?

We are developing community health services across South Nottinghamshire. We have talked to people about what they currently use and have an idea about what works and what doesn’t.

But we need to find out about what matters to you most and how you want to feel when you have used these services.

What matters to you?

The services are all listed below. If you or someone you care for uses them then please tell us what you think. To help you get an idea of what we need to know to make services better, here is some of the feedback we’ve had before:

  •  ‘I want to be treated with dignity throughout my care’
  • ‘I want it to be easier to access the services’
  •  ‘I want my carer to have more support too’

What you need to do now

Look at the services listed below and then email Emma at by the 20th May 2015 and tell her what matters most to you.



Your Feedback

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