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Can you help transform care for people with learning disabilities?

Then we need to hear from you…

StockPhoto - 81As part of the Transforming Care Programme 2016, Nottinghamshire has been chosen to lead the way in improving services for people with learning difficulties and/ or autism, who display behaviour that challenges.

In order to do this,  we need your views about what works and what doesn’t.  Together we can transform and deliver the right services for the future.

Nottinghamshire is one of five areas nationally which has been selected by NHS England to lead the way in helping to change how we provide care. This includes:

  • Reducing the number of people that are admitted to hospital unnecessarily
  • Improving access to interventions to prevent a health crisis
  • Putting in place the right support for those who need help in a crisis.

We are consulting on plans that will support people to stay in their community near family and friends rather than living in hospitals for long periods of time.

Our aim is to transform care and support for individuals with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges including those with a mental health condition so that their care is focused on keeping them healthy, well and supported in the community.

To do this, services in local communities will be strengthened meaning there will be more community beds and fewer longer term admissions.

How you can get involved:

The consultation runs from 29 February until 20 May (midnight) 2016.

We want to hear your views. To find out more please visit: Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme 2016 Where you can read the consultation document also available here:

and then complete the short online questionnaire.

Survey – Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme 2016

There is an ‘easy read’ version of the information and questionnaire is also available:

(Easy Read) Consultation Document – Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme 2016

Easy Read Survey – Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme 2016

Or if you would like to talk to someone about these proposed plans we are running a number of public drop-in events during the consultation located at the Autism East Midlands locations.  These include:

You can download the consultation poster here:
Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Poster

The consultation runs from 29 February until 20 May (midnight) 2016.

This consultation is being managed by the ‘Nottinghamshire Transforming Care Programme’ made up of local health and social care organisations responsible for providing care to people with learning disabilities.


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