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Patient Activation: we’re all in it together!

Does engaging with patients and families improve safety and quality in healthcare?

Carolyn Canfield thinks it does, and this is your opportunity to find out why.

Carolyn is the 2014 Canadian Patient Safety Champion, and she believes that patient/public activation and co-production is rapidly opening up opportunities for people to contribute to healthcare research, policy, accountability, technology, evaluation and governance.

She will be the keynote speaker at a Patient and Family Activation: we’re all in this together event on  Monday 13 April 2015, 1pm to 4.30pm, at Nottingham Forest Football Club, Trent Bridge, Nottingham, NG2 5FJ

Carolyn began her work in patient activation following the tragic death of her husband eight days after successful surgery. She is visiting Nottingham on her way to speak at the 2015 BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

Attend this event to:

  • Learn about the opportunities presented by patient activation.
  • Share examples of partnership in practice now and discuss emerging models
  • Discuss the next steps for enabling patients and the public to help healthcare teams meet system level challenges
  • Share examples of patient activation, network and get involved

Places are limited. To ensure you get a place, please book here.

Light refreshments will be provided. The EMAHSN will reimburse travel expenses for patients and members of the public.

For more information please contact:

Find out more about Carolyn here:


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