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CCG supports ‘Dignity Action’ campaign

Nottingham North and East are backing a national campaign about upholding patients’ rights to dignity within the health and social care system.

NHS Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group is supporting ‘Dignity Action’ – a national campaign to inspire staff in health and social care, to place dignity and compassion at the heart of care services, as well as encouraging local people to promote dignity in their own communities.

Dr Cheryl Crocker, Director of Quality and Patient Safety for NHS Nottingham North and East CCG, said: “Good quality care is about respecting patients’ values, their priorities, capabilities and their boundaries. Dignity and respect is also about having choices, control and a sense of determination within their daily lives.”

The national campaign group is also keen to sign up ‘Dignity Champions’ to promote their principles in health and social care. Since the campaign began eight years ago they have recruited more than 45,000 Dignity Champions.

If you would like to become a champion, or further raise awareness of the campaign, please visit the website.


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