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Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Primary Care Commissioning Meetings

A formal delegation agreement was issued by NHS England to empower NHS Nottingham North and East CCG to commission primary care medical services for the people of Nottingham North and East.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee was established in accordance with the CCGs’ Constitution and operates as a corporate decision-making body for the management of the delegated functions and the exercise of the delegated powers. The Primary Care Commissioning Committee is accountable to the Governing Body.

The Committee is subject to any directions made by NHS England or by the Secretary of State.

Meetings in Common

The six statutory CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committees of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire (NHS Mansfield and Asfield, NHS Newark and Sherwood, NHS Nottingham City, NHS Nottingham North and East, NHS Nottingham West and NHS Rushcliffe) have agreed to hold future meetings as ‘meetings in common’ on a monthly basis. The first Primary Care Commissioning Committees meeting in common was held on 19 June 2019

Please click here to find the dates and papers for the meetings in common


Primary Care Commissioning Committee Members

  • Eleri de Gilbert (Chair) – Lay Member, Quality and Performance
  • Shaun Beebe – Lay Member, Financial Management
  • Sue Sunderland – Lay Member, Audit and Governance
  • Ian Trimble – Independent GP Advisor
  • Amanda Sullivan, Accountable Officer
  • Lucy Dadge – Chief Commissioning Officer
  • Rosa Waddingham – Deputy Chief Nurse and Associate Director of Personalised Care
  • Andrew Morton – Operational Director of Finance
  • Sharon Pickett – Associate Director of Primary Care


Primary Care Commissioning Committee Papers

The papers for the NHS Nottingham North and East CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee up to May 2019 can be found below.




Meetings Agenda Questions

Please post your questions in relation to Primary Care Commissioning agenda items here. Questions must be received at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.

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