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Will you have a merry or a messy Christmas?

Some top tips for partygoers to help them have a merry, not a messy Christmas.

Some of these tips include:
• Drink water in between alcohol – it’ll help reduce your headache in the morning!! Or drink a couple of glasses of water before bed!!!

• Eat something early on so your body absorbs alcohol slower

• If the drink is hitting you quickly, head to the dance floor for a break (and burn some calories!!)

• Try a reduced alcohol beer – like Becks Blue, Carling C2 or even a Stella4

• Have a wine spritzer instead of a large glass of wine

• Have singles, not double measures with a low alcohol mixer instead of a cocktail – it’s less calories!!!

• Don’t mix drinks – it only makes your hangover worse!!

• Save the number for a reliable taxi firm in your phone – and pre-book if you can

• Always go home with a friend

• Make sure your mobile phone is charged and has credit before going out

• Don’t forget – BE SAFE!

Download this guide to safe drinking aimed at young people:

Cutting down on alcohol with the drinks checker

Cutting down on alcohol doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve got a simple, interactive tool to help you check how much you drink. It will also give you some tips and ideas for ways to cut back.

The drinks checker shows how many units there are in your drinks – choose from beer, wine, spirits, shots and alcopops. You can also select the size, alcohol percentage (ABV) and the number of drinks you had. And it can help you keep an eye on how many calories are in each drink and what you’re spending.


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