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Whyburn Medical Practice to hand back Personal Medical Services contract

The GP partners at Whyburn Medical Practice in Hucknall have given Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) six months’ notice that they intend to hand back the contract they hold for providing GP services to around 12,000 patients in the town.

Citing increasing property costs, workloads and a failure to recruit new GPs and clinicians, the Whyburn Practice state that their current position is untenable and it is with great sadness that they are handing back their contract to NHS England.

The CCG is keen to find a suitable solution for local patients to ensure the continuation of primary care services at the practice.

We are currently working with colleagues at NHS England and the practice partners to examine the options for the provision of primary care services when this contract expires in May 2019.

Our process is to explore local solutions that ensure GP services will continue at Whyburn. This may include looking at procuring a new provider for the practice. Patient feedback and comments will be important in determining the best outcome for the practice and its patients.

Dr James Hopkinson, clinical lead, Nottingham North and East CCG says: “We’re saddened that Whyburn Practice has made the difficult decision to hand back their contract.

“We recognise that the partners have been facing a number of challenges and trying for some time to recruit additional GPs and other clinicians. We’ve been working closely with them to help address the issues and while we are very disappointed that they have arrived at this decision, we appreciate it is one that will not have been taken lightly.

“We understand that this will be unsettling news for patients. We’d like to reassure patients that it is our priority to ensure that they continue to receive high quality, safe patient care.

“We are confident we can find an alternative provider for Whyburn Practice. We strongly believe providers will be interested in a practice of this size in the area and we have started the process of advertising the opportunity.

“In the highly unlikely circumstances of not finding a provider before the end of  May 2019, we could implement a caretaker service to ensure the practice continues to serve its patients while we continue to pursue the right solution for this practice and the Hucknall area.”

“Over the next six months, we will be working closely with our colleagues at NHS England to find the right long-term solution for the patients currently registered with Whyburn and ensure that any changes take place with minimal disruption.”

At this point, patients do not need to do anything, the service will continue as normal. The CCG will write to patients if they need to take any action. The CCG and practice will continue to keep patients updated through the practice and CCG websites.

If patients have any concerns they can contact the CCG’s patient experience team on 0115 883 9570 or email:

Please see the Whyburn Medical Practice Q&A for more details.



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