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New logo to verify the safety of medicines bought online

The European Commission has  launched a new  logo for use by online pharmacies to reassure consumers that the site is legal.  The logo should be available by late Summer 2014.

New EU pharmacy logo to reassure people buying medicines online

New EU pharmacy logo to reassure people buying medicines online

Legitimate online pharmacies will be able to link to the website of its country’s national regulator, which will display a list of legitimate pharmacy websites.

Tonio Borg, European Commissioner for Health, said: “When buying medicines online, consumers must be aware that unless they buy from legally-operating online medicine suppliers, they run the risk of buying medicines that are falsified. Falsified medicines can be ineffective, harmful or even deadly. The Commission has established a common logo for online pharmacies so consumers can stay safe.” 

The logo will be mandatory and regulation should come into force by the end of July 2014. EU countries will then have 12 months to comply with the new regulations.

You can get more details from the European Commission’s website


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