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Campaign urges people to seek medical help early

A  campaign called ‘The earlier, the better’ has been launched to encourage people to seek help early on from their local pharmacist if they’re feeling under the weather.

It’s especially important over the winter months that elderly people tell a friend, family member or carer if they have a bad cough, cold or sore throat to prevent it getting worse.

The campaign asks those caring for or visiting an elderly relative to get advice from their local pharmacist or from to prevent a minor illness developing into something more serious.

Professor Keith Willett, Domain Director for Acute Episodes of Care at NHS England, said: “It’s easy to forget that our local pharmacists can provide expert guidance on how to help manage long term conditions, or give advice on the best treatment for a cough or cold.

“So it’s essential that older people seek help as soon as possible to prevent a trip to hospital if their condition gets worse. “The earlier, the better.”

If you or someone you know or care for is feeling under the weather then act now. Visit your local pharmacist or the campaign website.


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