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Better Care Fund plans approved to drive a revolution in health and social care in Notts

Health and social care in Nottinghamshire will be revolutionised following the approval of plans for the County’s Better Care Fund which will mean better integration of health and social care across organisations, fewer emergency admissions to hospital and more people living independently.

Nottinghamshire’s Better Care Fund details how a total of £93m (2014/15 and 2015/16) of NHS and Local Authority money to aid integration of health and social care and to allow for joint working between authorities and the NHS will be invested locally.  This will also deliver £10m of savings over the two year period.*

Nottingham North and East CCG, together with all the county’s Clinical Commissioning Groups, Nottinghamshire County Council and local hospital trusts have been working together to agree a plan for delivering the change. The plan was submitted by the Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board on 29 August and has been approved by Government Ministers today (11 September 2014).

Health and Wellbeing Boards across the country are putting together plans for Better Care Fund, but NNottinghamshire’s has been fast tracked as an exemplar to other local authority areas.  The plans is one of only five the country, and the first for a two-tier local authority area, to be approved at this stage.

The vision in Nottinghamshire is to create a new model of care that will deliver more health and social care services outside of hospitals, with care professionals working seamlessly across organisations.  A radical change in the way that health and social care work together in Nottinghamshire will lead to a fully integrated care and support system focused on the people it serves and delivering better outcomes.

The Better Care Fund plan is countywide, with locally tailored schemes covering south Nottinghamshire, mid Nottinghamshire (Mansfield, Ashfield and Newark & Sherwood) and Bassetlaw.  The plan includes:

  • £1.9m redistributed to support implementation of the Care Act.
  • Plans to deliver a reduction in Emergency admissions to hospital by 3.5% and more urgent care will be available closer to home.
  • Introducing seven day health and social care services, including access to GPs, to enable people to leave hospital when medically fit and to avoid hospital admissions
  • People who are frail, who have escalating needs or who are at risk of deterioration will be identified proactively and assigned a key worker, who will develop a care plan with them and make sure that it is delivered locally by their GP or clinical teams based in the community and in hospital.
  • People will have a local point of contact to find out information and access local services in health, social care, and the voluntary sector (care co-ordination).
  • Patients admitted to hospital will be transferred home or to an appropriate community setting in a timely manner, where the focus will be on maximising their independence.
  • People in care homes will receive the same level of proactive support and access to urgent care as those living in their own homes.
  • People with long term conditions will be empowered to monitor their own condition.
  • Carers will be supported through short breaks and respite services.
  • Local consultation with the public and registered patient list will shape and inform how access to primary care services will be delivered locally.

Dr Paul Oliver, Clinical Lead at Nottingham North and East CCG, said:
“The recognition our Better Care Plan has received is great news for Nottinghamshire. It’s not only a testament to how well we work together across health and social care services in the county, but it also means we can better integrate care to improve people’s journey through the health and social care system.

“These are challenging times across the sector but we have some great initiatives we will be taking forward to achieve our ultimate aim of improving the health and wellbeing of local people.”

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak, Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “People across Nottinghamshire have told us that they want to be supported to stay well at home and be independent for as long as possible.  They want to be treated with dignity and respect, and they want their care as close to home as possible.   These are all things that the Health and Wellbeing Board will work towards improving in partnership, by doing things like making sure that services users play a full role in helping plan their own care.

“The challenge is such that we can’t just keep doing things the way they have been done before – instead we need to be more creative and innovative in finding ways to support the people of Nottinghamshire in all areas of care.”

Read the plan and find out more about the  Better Care Fund on the County Council’s website


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