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An Open and Frank Discussion about Diabetes

Diabetes patients, carers and members of the public attended a public evening event called ‘The Future of Your Diabetes care’. It was co-hosted by Nottingham North & East Clinical Group (NNE CCG) and Diabetes UK on the 6th November 2013 at the Richard Herrod Centre, Carlton, Nottingham.

A relaxed informal discussion
The evening was introduced by short presentation from Diabetes UK, NNE CCG a Practice Nurse and then patients and public were invited to answer questions on their views on what they liked about their diabetes care, what could be improved and their ideal future of diabetes care. Discussions took place in a relaxed environment around several tables with NNE staff, local GPs, Public Health and a Practice Nurse facilitating discussions ensuring that all feedback was recorded in order to feed into commissioning decisions.

‘DAFNE and JUGGLE Programs are wonderful’
DAFNE and JUGGLE are self-management programmes for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics respectively. The programmes drew the most praise from the public who liked how they promote self-management and encourage people with diabetes to eat carefully and exercise regularly. Patients’ were also positive about the specialist Diabetic Nurse who works within GP Practices and liaises with GPs, Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and Diabetic Consultants.

‘Consistency needs to be improved in quality and provision.’
Patients recognised the need for bold change and individual experiences support overall decisions in how to best deliver care for Diabetics. A strong message from patients and public was the need to ensure consistency in care within and across GP practices. Patients are keen to be involved in their self-care with information from their GP and programmes like Juggle, to help them manage their condition. On-going education and training for primary care staff and early identification of diabetes were also highlighted as areas which would help patients understand their condition and better look after themselves.

‘Diabetes is a more complex long-term illness to manage.’
The evening ended with a question and answer session. Patients took the opportunity to ask NNE GPs at the event questions about care in the local community as well as concerns around their own health.

All feedback and questions will now be fed back into NNE CCG and will be taken into consideration by the NHS commissioners who shape and design how diabetes care is delivered in the NNE CCG district.

‘I can honestly say that last night’s (event) was one of the best in terms of outputs and qualitative comments from patients.’ Pete Shorrick, Midlands Regional Manager – Diabetes UK.


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