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Have your say about your local health services (planned care)

We want to hear your views about the choice, location and type of care provided at local healthcare facilities, including hospitals.

If you’re interested in sharing your opinions with us, then please complete our short survey. Your responses will help shape future local health services. The survey is about planned care (appointments and surgery booked in advance) as opposed to emergency or urgent care.

For the purpose of this survey, a local healthcare facility is any location where you might receive planned health care, other than a GP Practice or walk-in/ urgent care centre, for example a hospital or treatment centre.

The survey can be completed by anyone who has experienced planned care at a local healthcare facility – we welcome responses from carers too.

Take the survey

We will be sharing the findings and all responses will remain anonymous. In the first question we ask for your post code in order to help us understand where responses have been received from. This survey is open from Wednesday 8 August 2018 through to Sunday 30 September 2018.


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