Delivering as a CCG

Sign up to safety pledges

By signing up to the ‘Sign up to Safety’ campaign we have agreed to commit to strengthen patient safety by making five pledges. Our pledges are:

1) Put safety first

We will support our providers to reduce harm through:

  • The development of CQUIN schemes (deterioration, sepsis, falls, etc)
  • Working across boundaries, organisations and agencies to reduce harm
  • Develop our quality strategy to focus on harm reduction.

2) Continually learn

We will

  • Continually monitor the quality of our providers
  • Receive patient stories at our Governing Bodies
  • Undertake regular quality visits to providers to ensure services are safe and listen to patient feedback

3)  Honesty

We will

  • Develop our ‘Being Open’ policy and monitor providers ‘duty to candour’
  • Support providers through the Patient Association to improve the management of complaints, we pledge to follow the same process for our complaints

4)  Collaborate

We will:

  • Work with other agencies and organisations to share learning and improvements, supported by local groups

5. Support.

We will:

  • Improve capacity and capability in improvement science through NHS IQ programmes
  • We will undertake quality visits to provider services and give feedback
  • We will use our contractural levers to support providers



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