Delivering as a CCG

Delivering quality and patient safety

As commissioners, we are responsible for meeting the needs of their populations through commissioning high quality services. And we are passionate about doing this. 

Our ambition is to commission excellent, safe and cost effective healthcare for the NNE registered and resident population.

A single definition of quality for the NHS was first set out in High Quality Care for All9 in 2008, following the NHS Next Stage Review led by Lord Darzi, and has since been embraced by staff throughout the NHS and by the Coalition Government. This definition sets out three dimensions to quality, all three of which must be present in order to provide a high quality service:

  • clinical effectiveness – quality care is care which is delivered according to the best evidence as to what is clinically effective in improving an individual’s health outcomes;
  • safety – quality care is care which is delivered so as to avoid all avoidable harm and risks to the individual’s safety; and
  • patient experience – quality care is care which looks to give the individual as positive an experience of receiving and recovering from the care as possible, including being treated according to what that individual wants or needs, and with compassion, dignity and respect.

Ensuring that patients receive high quality care relies on a complex set of interconnected roles, responsibilities and relationships between professionals, provider organisations, commissioners, system and professional regulators and other national bodies including the Department of Health. The system’s collective objectives in relation to quality are to:

  • ensure that the essential standards of quality and safety are maintained; and
  • drive continuous improvement in quality and outcomes.

It is the responsibility of our  Governing Body to create a culture within the organisation that enables clinicians to work at their best, and to have in place arrangements for measuring and monitoring quality and for escalating issues.

Overview of Delivering quality and patient safety


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