Delivering as a CCG

Delivering innovation

We are committed at looking at innovative ways we can improve care and offer more choice for our patients. Below are some of the projects we have implemented which highlight our commitment

Crisis Intervention Community Support Services (CICSS)

We established CICSS in 2009 with the British Red Cross and GP practices have continued to find the service to be extremely valuable to their patients.

The service provides low level care to our patients in their own homes for a short period of up to four weeks, to help them through a crisis. Carers will see individuals up to four times a day depending on their level of need. We have valued the expertise of working with the British Red Cross who demonstrate a high level of care and capability to responding to individual needs and simply doing what is necessary. The service is not what we can’t do, but what can we do.

 Targeting Musculoskeletal Conditions

Musculoskeletal conditions are often progressive and can often be a major cause of pain, disability and ill-health.

Over 200 musculoskeletal conditions affect millions of people including adults, children and older people ranging from all forms of arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis and often the most common reason for repeat consultations with a GP, making up to 30% of primary care consultations (Department of Health, 2006).

The Nottinghamshire County Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA, 2008) identified diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue as one of the top ten admissions to hospitals in Nottinghamshire, estimate to be 10%, higher than the England average of 7.4%. An estimated 47,300 people (all ages) and 238,400 (all 20+ adults) in Nottinghamshire are believed to be affected with arthritis and back pain respectively.

We commissioned an Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (ICATS) to improve access to and service user experiences of musculoskeletal services, promote better self-care and treatment for service users with long term musculoskeletal conditions and improve the health and well-being of NNE patients. This is an NHS service provided by a new partnership between Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust and Connect Physical Health. The service brings together all the skills and resources needed to assess, diagnose and treat patients at GP practices in the local community including the Peacock Medical Practice in Carlton, Torkard Medical Centre in Hucknall and Plains View Surgery in Mapperley.

Health Inspectors

The Health Inspectors are a visionary group of adults with learning disabilities who, following the “Big Health Day” in 2011, decided they wanted to have a bigger voice within the local health arena.

The group have been encouraged and supported by Nottingham North and East since their inception. The group meet on a regular basis and encourage other people with learning disabilities to take an active part in their local health community, learn about health issues and tell others about healthy living.

The overall aim of the Health Inspectors is to have a bigger and more effective voice in health services to reduce stigma through programme of action research, developing an understanding of the complexities of the Health Service, influence service design and delivery.  They also develop and deliver bespoke training to healthcare professionals, challenge and change attitudes, cultures and behaviours and become full members of the healthcare community.

In 2013, the Health Inspectors won the Liam O’Neill Fighting Stigma Award and Team of the Year Award at the OSCARS 2013 celebrations presented by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.


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