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The PPI Review – the future Patient Involvement structure in Greater Nottingham

How our organisation works is changing as we work in closer alignment with our partners and with our CCG neighbours.

We have established a Joint Committee for the Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership, which has delegated authority to carry out many of the functions of our Governing Body.

The Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership is made up of four Clinical Commissioning Groups –  Nottingham North and East, Nottingham West, Rushcliffe and Nottingham City. The partnership represents that the CCGs have aligned and are working together across Greater Nottingham to commission better services for patients, with patients.

The Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership is currently undertaking a review of its formal arrangements for patient and public involvement.

Each CCG currently has its own model for engagement, including a patient committee that feeds into its Governing Body. In Nottingham North and East, we have the PPI Committee, the Patient QIPP group and the PPG Forum. As the CCGs move to greater integration of their commissioning functions, we need to review and re-shape our arrangements for patient and public involvement.

A review of these engagement arrangements was launched in 2018, supported by an independent research agency and a steering group comprised of patient representatives from each of the CCGs patient committees.

This research for the development of the new Greater Nottingham PPI structure has involved interviewing key stakeholders and patient representatives across the Greater Nottingham area as well as comparing existing models for engagement within the CCGs and national practice.

More news on the findings and actions will be available soon.



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