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Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

All practices are required to have a patient participation group (PPG). PPGs work with the practice to ensure the patient voice is heard and look at how improvements can be made to the benefit of both parties.

PPGs meet up on a regular basis, usually with a representative from the Practice team – the Practice Manager or a GP. The aim is to make sure that the practice puts its patients and their health at the centre of what it does and how it works.

If you are keen to support your local practice, each of our practices in Nottingham North and East has a Patient Participation Group.

Further details are on GP practice websites, which can be accessed through our members page, or by speaking with your Practice Manager.

PPGs are invaluable to our member practices and are an ideal opportunity for the CCG to link in with patients.  Using the membership from the PPGs the creation of  the Patient Participation Group Forum to support the Patient and Public Involvement Committee has strengthened opportunities for discussions to take place. The group is focused on GP practices as providers.


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