Delivering as a CCG

The Patient and Public Involvement Committee

The PPI Committee meets bi-monthly and membership includes:

  • The NNE Governing Body Lay Member, Patient and Public Involvement
  • Five patient and public representatives from across the patch
  • The Patient and Public Representative from the Governing Body
  • NNE Representatives
  • NNE Clinical Lead

The PPI Committee will help ensure that we are delivering on our plans. The schedule of meetings immediately follows the NNE CCG Clinical Cabinet so that discussions and debates from this group are fed back into the decision making process in a timely manner.

The PPI Committee is supported by strong patient and public representation and individuals who are committed to ensuring high quality care.

The responsibilities of the PPI Committee include:

  • To work actively with the CCG to ensure meaningful patient and public involvement in commissioning decisions
  • To inform the consultation and engagement plans and processes of the CCG in order to ensure effective public involvement (patients, public, carers, community)
  • To proactively identify and support the implementation of projects and campaigns to support change being driven by patients and public
  • To be involved in the development of the commissioning plan
  • To actively link in with Practice Patient Groups (PPG)
  • To support patient and public locality groups in driving patient and public change
  • To promote patient and public engagement and embed in the CCG
  • To deliver actions which support patient change and patient and public engagement

Please see the PPI Committee Terms of Reference for more details about the roles and responsibilities of members.

There are two other patient groups that local people can get involved with:


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