Delivering as a CCG

Our engagement process

Integrating our engagement framework with the wider system

How our organisation works is changing as we work in closer alignment with our partners and with our CCG neighbours. We have established a Joint Commissioning Committee for the Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership, which has delegated authority to carry out many of the functions of our Governing Body.

Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire are also developing as an Integrated Care System (ICS). This means that all local NHS organisations and Local Authorities will be working together to plan and deliver healthcare for our populations. ICS’s will have more freedom to manage local services and determine how funding should be used.

These developments mean significant changes for how we plan and deliver services. We have recognised that this has implications for the arrangements we have for involving patients and the public. We are currently working with our partners to review the models and frameworks that exist for patient and public engagement across the whole of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

In 2017/18, we implemented an updated and robust EQIA process across the Greater Nottingham patch. In response to the Financial recovery Plan, this EQIA process has been invaluable particularly when assessing QIPP and financial recovery schemes. The approach has been to manage the communications and engagement on a scheme-by-scheme basis, with a consistent approach applied each time, starting with a screening process.

The process for determining the scale of communications and engagement work required has been based on the following:

  • The scale of the change
  • The impact of the change on patients

Schemes broadly fall into one of three categories of approach depending on the above factors. These are:

  • Informing – Communicating the changes to people
  • Engaging – Targeted engagement with affected people or their representatives
  • Consulting – Formal consultation with affected groups and the wider public

Commissioners must ensure that arrangements for involvement are fair and proportionate. The Gunning Principles have been applied in assessing the category of involvement. This process has meant that we have a robust engagement approach to our Greater Nottingham QIPP and financial recovery schemes.


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