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What is a Patient Participation Group?

Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a great way for patients and GP practices to work together to improve services and promote health and wellbeing. They can help strengthen the relationship between staff and patients and be an integral part of decision making for Clinical Commissioning Groups.

What Can PPGs do?

PPGs are not groups for complainers! They are designed to enhance and support the work of the practice. PPGs can:

Provide the patient perspective by:

  • Conducting surveys or collecting feedback in the waiting room
  • Advising the practice and patients on new services
  • Sharing good practice with other PPGs

Promote health matters by:

  • Organising events on particular health issues
  • Raising awareness of health matters in the surgery
  • Volunteering and supporting staff at flu clinics

Influence the development of services by:

  • Advising on the development or improvement of premises
  • Representing patient’s views when services are being commissioned
  • Co-ordinating with other PPGs to improve healthcare across the wider community

PPGs are not:

  • A forum for complaints – ground rules are needed to ensure that PPG members do not use the group as a means to deal with their own individual issues.
  • A doctor’s fan club – PPGs must have the confidence to challenge the practice.
  • A time-consuming activity for staff – some effort is needed to set up the group buy longer term, a well-organised PPG will be able to run independently and can undertake activities to save practice time.

Within Nottingham North and East’s 20 GP practices has a patient participation group and these can be contacted through the individual practice websites Nottingham North and East CCG works closely with the PPGs, mainly through the PPI Forum.


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