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CCG patient groups

The PPI Committee

The PPI Committee meets bi-monthly and membership includes:

  • The NNE Governing Body Lay Member, Patient and Public Involvement
  • Five patient and public representatives from across the patch
  • The Patient and Public Representative from the Governing Body
  • NNE Representatives
  • NNE Clinical Lead

The PPI Committee will help ensure that we are delivering on our plans. The schedule of meetings immediately follows the NNE CCG Clinical Cabinet so that discussions and debates from this group are fed back into the decision making process in a timely manner. Read more about the PPI Committee.

While the PPI Committee is the our official patient reference group,  there are two other patient groups which fulfill an important role and feed their ideas and opinions into the Committee.

The PPI QIPP group

The PPI QIPP Group discusses service changes, changes in prescribing, campaigns and opportunities to deliver savings along with improved care.  Agenda items may also include service changes and proposals that are being delivered through Greater Nottingham Health and Care Partners. This group meets bi-monthly on the last Tuesday of the month.

Patient Participation Group Forum (PPG Group)

The PPG Group Forum covers any items that are relevant to PPGs.  The meeting is managed and chaired by a PPG representative in order to ensure that it is relevant to what is happening in practices.  The CCG may be invited to present an item to the group and uses these meetings to gain input from and feedback into the PPGs. This group meets bi-monthly, alternating with the QIPP Group on the last Tuesday of the month.

If you’re interested in joining either of these groups, in the first instance, please contact Toni on 0115 883 1833 or



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