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Weekend and extended hours engagement campaign

In line with NHS England’s ‘General Practice Forward View’,  we are working towards implementing extended hours and seven day local GP services across the Nottingham North and East area during 2018/19 (since implemented in Autumn 2018).

To support this, and to ensure we deliver the services patients need, we carried out a range of engagement activities with local people throughout the Summer 2017 to establish what they wanted from an extended GP service and to look at ways we can further improve access.

In June 2017, we launched a three-month patient engagement campaign to discover local views on General Practice (GP) extended hours access. Using a printed and online survey, we followed a multi-channel approach to patient engagement promoting via GP Practices, Summer locality events, social media and media relations. 506 patients responded.

What patients told us about GP access:

  • 91% of respondents say there is a need for weekend GP services and 96% say there is a need for extended weekday hours.
  • Feedback indicated that there is a certain amount of flexibility in planning services over the weekend and extended weekday hours.
  • Public transport links and options will play a big part in the extended services being successful
  • Most respondents said that they did not require support to see a GP or nurse at the weekend. However, comments were made about needing support due to disability or mobility issues and several respondents predicted they may need support in the future. We need to bear in mind the ageing population and take note that this need may increase and consider it in any plans.
  • The feedback regarding Skype/Facetime, online consultations and symptom checker shows us there’s a split between those that are keen to embrace these technologies to access services and those that are not. There are many comments highlighting concerns and safety issue around this.
  • Throughout the planning of extended services, patients, carers and the public indicated they wanted to involved and engaged, and where that it is not possible that they are kept informed.

How are we acting on patient feedback?

We established a working group, which includes patient and GP representation and have looked at the patient engagement feedback in detail. The intelligence within the engagement report was presented to the Primary Care Commissioning Committee in order that this could be used as part of wider decision making. Plans are now in progress to design the new extended hours service which we hope will be in operation by October 2018. We intend to involve patients in the development of this service and will look at how best to deliver it bearing in mind patients’ wishes around a hub model.

Please see the full GP Access Public Engagement FINAL1 engagement report here.


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