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Current provision

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) provides a Dietetics Outpatients service which treats adults and children. The aim of the service is to treat the nutritional consequences of disease through a variety of nutritional interventions.

For many of the pathways, patients are seen as part of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) clinic and are generally seen on the same day as the Consultant and other members of the team. In other cases, where a dietitian does not sit in the MDT clinic, referrals are managed in a stand-alone clinic or when they come to NUH for their treatment.

The service also offers telephone contacts to appropriate patients.

The service accepts referrals for the following conditions/ reasons:

  • Renal
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Gastroenterology conditions (e.g. Coeliac Disease)
  • Paediatrics specific conditions (Metabolic, Allergy, Failure to thrive)

Case for change

In addition to the NUH dietetics service, there is also a community dietetic service provided by Community Health Partnerships. They may see patients for similar conditions and provide community based clinics, group sessions and home visits.

Due to the nature of long term conditions managed by the Dietetics Outpatient team, service users may vary between requiring specialist management within secondary care, and when more stable could be managed within the community setting, closer to home. At present, it is difficult to flow between the two services and settings.

Therefore the proposal is for a single provider (or group of providers working together) to provide an integrated dietetic service to deliver all non-inpatients dietetics.

Proposal for an integrated service to meet the needs of patients requiring dietetic intervention

The proposal is that an integrated dietetic service will provide the following:

  • A structured and consistent approach to dietetic management through multidisciplinary working, promoting effective and integrated working relationships with the clinicians within the acute setting, community services and Primary Care.
  • The most appropriate clinician, setting and intervention are identified and offered at the outset of treatment. This is reviewed during the patients care and is adjusted as clinically appropriate.
  • A movement towards specialist staff delivering services closer to home and up-skilling of community staff to see a more complex case mix.
  • A broader offer of delivery methods, to include group sessions, improved access to self-care information and greater use of technology.

Tell us what you think

The engagement period for this service review has now ended.  For an update on the decisions on services, click here.


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If you would like a paper copy of the You-said-we-did summary please call 0800 028 3693 (option 2)


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