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Health and care system transformation engagement

Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership events programme

As a partner of the Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership we are working with other organisations across Greater Nottingham to transform the way health and care services are provided. This work is about addressing the following challenges:

  • Health and wellbeing – Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy in parts of the area are low, particularly in the city
  • Quality of care – We have high mortality rates for people with long-term conditions; people who are frail tend to stay in hospital longer than they need to and we do not identify and treat health conditions early enough
  • Affordability – We have a significant funding gap that will continue to grow if we don’t change how we provide health and social care
  • Culture – We have not always worked well in delivering change across the whole system, which is needed to address our challenges.

As part of our programme of transformation we have worked with our partners to deliver a programme of engagement over the period of 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Engagement activity
Recognising that people need to be both informed about how health and social care are changing and involved in shaping these changes we have held four public events. This programme has been co-produced with the Greater Nottingham Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG is a patient group established to ensure that engagement is carried out to support transformation plans. The CAG co-produced the events programme and took a lead role in running the events themselves, acting as facilitators and Chairs.

Each event involved providing information on how the system was changing and included small group discussions on different elements of health and social care such as self-care and prevention and quality of care. Participants were invited to share their own experiences and to discuss how we can build a health and care system that addresses the current challenges.

Each event focused on some of the core elements that would be needed in a transformed health and social care system. Some of the key themes from the discussions were:

  • While the concept of self-care is broadly supported, there is some scepticism that the system has properly defined what this is and people feel that resource needs to be provided to support people
  •  Education is seen as key in prioritising prevention of ill health and most people feel more should be done with children, families and schools
  • A sense of a system difficult to navigate comes across regularly in people’s experiences of care
  • There is a general sense of frustration that information about health and health services is not simple or effective.

What happened next?

As well as the conversations through the events programme, similar engagement has been carried out across the health and care system in Nottinghamshire. Feedback through this engagement has produced consistent themes that are being incorporated into transformation plans. In particular, a Nottinghamshire-wide Clinical Services Strategy has developed a set of core principles that will drive major service change over the coming years. The CCG, as part of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS, is contributing to developing this conversation through further engagement on this strategy.

All four Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Groups have supported the development of a communications and engagement plan for the Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership.


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