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Delivering engagement

Engagement with patients, public and stakeholders is paramount for the CCG in ensuring that we are able to ensure high quality care in our community.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do and it’s important that they are involved not just in decisions about their care, but also in the decisions that shape the health services delivered locally.

Communicating and engaging with our patients and local people is central to achieving our aims to deliver the health services patients’ need, within the funding available to us.

Engagement is understanding the patient experience and using the feedback to  inform commissioning decisions. Engagement is also working closely with community partners.

Operating in a challenging economic environment, we believe that working in partnership will be a crucial success factor when it comes to addressing health inequalities and improving services.  We plan to deliver effective engagement and partnership working with borough/district councils, local people, voluntary organisations and other key partners.

You can see our engagement activity for the year 2017/18 here.

Through working together, we are committed to actively supporting priorities identified by our partners, for example sustainability, smoking and obesity.

We  are committed to patient, carers and public involvement and will focus on commissioning decisions around services and outcomes that are the most relevant to local people.

In particular, we are committed to:

  • providing patients with genuine options over their care
  • giving patients the tools they need to help them decide the right way forward
  • ensuring decisions are taken with patients, carers and clinicians – sharing the decisions made about their care

Patient and public views are sought using various means including: workshops, one to one sessions, meetings, our website, Twitter and Facebook.

We are always looking at new ways we can communicate and engage with local people, particularly in ways that avoid them having to come to us. One of the areas, we have invested time into is social media and we have an active NNE Facebook page as well as the NHS South Notts Facebook account we manage with our colleagues at Nottingham West and Rushcliffe CCGs.

We also strive to engage with hard to reach groups. We work in partnership with Healthwatch, our neighbouring CCGs in south Nottinghamshire including NHS Rushcliffe CCG, NHS Nottingham West, and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

With these partners, a forum has been established to ensure operational ownership in advancing and mainstreaming equality and to make effective use of resources. The forum has mapped a database of ‘seldom heard’ groups who are targeted during pieces of engagement work.

We will build on out existing mechanisms of patient and public involvement and in partnership with stakeholders will develop new and innovative methods to ensure that the patient and public voice shapes CCG plans for the future.

NNE has a robust structure to support patient and public engagement – The Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Committee


Overview of Delivering engagement


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