Delivering as a CCG

Delivering choice

Be Involved in decisions about your healthcare and making your own choices.

Choosing your care and treatment means you can choose:

  •  your GP practice
  • where to go for your first appointment as an outpatient
  • which consultant or mental health professional will be in charge of your treatment
  • to ask to change hospital if you have to wait longer than the maximum waiting time
  • who carries out a specialist test
  • maternity services
  • services provided in the community
  • to take part in health research
  • to have a personal health budget
  • to access required treatment in another European Economic Area country.

Some ways in which we currently support choice in decisions are as follows:

  • Where appropriate, buying community services from a number of different providers. Examples of existing services that are offered across our area, and through various providers, include Podiatry and Psychological Therapies.
  • Shared Decision Making – we are implementing shared-decision making as a way of helping patients understand the options available to them. Shared decision making provides tools that can be used by clinicians and patients to ensure all options are explored.
  • Clinical Assessment Service – we are expanding their clinical assessment service. As well as using Choose and Book, patients will be able to contact the Clinical Assessment Service for most referrals and discuss options available over the phone.
  • We provide information on our website, app and TV channels about their member GP practices to support choice in practices.

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