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We believe that the patient should be at the centre of NHS decision-making.  We believe that your voices should drive commissioning strategy. To do this we need to hear about your experiences of NHS care – the good and the bad.

The NHS saved my life

The NHS saved my life

When you tell us about your experiences, we can use them to inform local NHS decision makers so that when they are looking at how to improve local services they consider what you have said.

If you have received some fantastic care then we need to hear about it to ensure that service continues to support patients. Similarly we also need to know when your journey through health services hasn’t been good so we can pinpoint areas where the quality of care needs to be improved.

Ways you can share your experiences with us

  1. Download our Patient Experience Form
  2. Email:
  3. Call: 0800 028 3693 and choose option two
  4. In person (call to arrange an appointment)
  5. Local NHS events – check out CCG websites for upcoming dates

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