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We recognise the importance of user feedback in the continued development of high quality, responsive and accessible health services.

Complaints form an important element of such feedback and reflect where services commissioned and/or provided by the CCG  have failed to meet with user expectations. It is important that when issues of concern arise, that these are dealt with in a timely and professional manner, with appropriate explanation and assurance provided together with remedial action and / or apology as necessary.

It is often possible to resolve issues of concern straight away, and therefore wherever possible you should discuss your concerns with someone close to the source of your complaint, eg. doctor, nurse, therapist, receptionist or manager. However, if your concerns are very serious, and you want the CCG to lead the investigation you can write or telephone (see contact details below).

Anyone who is or has been receiving NHS treatment can access the NHS Complaints procedure, including a patient’s relatives or carers. As long as you have their written consent, you may complain on behalf of another person. Ideally a complaint should be made in writing. However you can contact the CCG to discuss your complaint, but we will need the complaint to be in writing before we can formally start our investigation. If you need assistance with this we can give you the contact details for the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (or ICAS) who can advocate on your behalf.

Complaints should be made as soon as possible. Usually we will only investigate complaints that are either made either:

within 12 months of the event


within 12 months of you becoming aware there is something you wish to raise as a formal complaint.

However under certain circumstances the above timescales can be waived.

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Complaints Team
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Civic Centre
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0800 028 3693 (option 2)


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