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Conflict of Interest in the NHS and CCGs

A Conflict of Interest can be defined as a situation that arises when a person that has a private or personal interest significant enough to influence the way they make a decision.

Conflicts of Interest can arise in the work of CCGs in a variety of ways. For example, the CCG may wish to commission a service based at a GP surgery. This would be more convenient for patients and cheaper than treatment in hospital. At the same time, the GP practice would have a financial interest in becoming the provider of this service. So if members of the practice became involved in the process of deciding to commission or awarding the service, they would be potentially conflicted. It would not be clear that they favoured the decision because of the convenience of patients rather than their own financial gain.

Managing Conflict of Interest in Nottingham North and East CCG

All members of the CCG Governing Body and CCG staff must declare any interests they have that might conceivably conflict with their work in the CCG.

One of the Lay Members of the CCG Governing Body, Sue Sunderland , has been appointed ‘Conflict of Interest Guardian’ with specific responsibilities set out in the Conflict of Interest policy. She is responsible for providing impartial and unconflicted advice and judgement to the Governing Body in cases where it is not obvious whether a material conflict exists or how best to manage it, you can contact her via the contact details below.

The CCG maintains a Register of Interests for all employees, appointees and individuals working within the CCG on a temporary basis.  As part of the joint arrangements in place for Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership (of which the CCG is part of) the register lists all individuals involved in the Partnership.

Register of Procurement Decisions

NHS Mansfield & Ashfield CCG, NHS Newark & Sherwood CCG, NHS Nottingham City CCG, NHS Nottingham North and East CCG, NHS Nottingham West CCG and NHS Rushcliffe CCG (together the ‘CCGs’) have responsibility to ensure that they have a consistent, transparent and effective approach to the procurement, commissioning and contract management of goods, services and works to meet the needs of its population.

When undertaking procurement activities the CCGs are required to comply with legal requirements, the CCGs established governance structure and professional and ethical standards in order to achieve efficient and productive procurement processes.

The CCGs maintain a Register of Procurement Decisions taken, either for the procurement of a new service or any extension or material variation of a current contract. The register contains the details of any conflicts of interests declared during the procurement process and how they were managed.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality

A Register of Gifts and Hospitality provided to all staff and Governing Body members is kept and updated on a regular basis.

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